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Towards future electronics, we study ultimately-scaled devices and novel functional devices such as flexible devices and healthcare devices, utilizing specific properties of nanostructure and nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes. We also study ecotechnologies to manufacture electron devices with printing technology for realizing a "low-carbon society".
One-step micro-patterning of CNT films; publised in ACS Nano
We develepped a technology to form micro-patterns of carbon nanotube (CNT) film with a resolution of <10 μm by onestep transfer process. Based on this technique, easy fabrications of high-performance CNT transparent conductive films with microgrid structure and capacitive touch sensors have been demonstrated. This technique opens a way to low-cost, energy- and material-saving production of transparent conductor devices. This work was published in ACS Nano (IF=12.1).

World's first all-carbon ICs towards formable electronics; published in Nature Communications
We have created the world's first all-carbon integrated circuits consisting of transistors and wirings using only carbon nanotubes, with expected applications to transparent high-performance flexible devices. Furthermore, such all-carbon ICs can be thermoformed into arbitrary 3D shape. The results make it possible to achieve a fusion of electronic devices with plastic products, which can lead to the creation of plastic electronic devices that feature both designability and functionality. This result was published in Nature Communications. Here is press release

World's first carbon naotube ICs on transparent plastic film; published in Nature Nanotechnology
We have developed a simple and fast process to manufacture high quality carbon nanotube-based thin film transistors (TFT) on a plastic substrate. The world’s first sequential logic circuits using carbon nanotubes has been realized. The results were published in nature nanotechnology (Impact Factor = 30.3).

MSI by carbon nanotubes
We have realized an ring oscillator where 108 carbon nanotube thin-film transistors (TFTs) were integrated. This IC is the first Medium-scale integration (MSI) with carbon nanotube devices. This study has been published in APEX. Appl. Phys. Exp. 3, 115101 (2010)

NewYasunishi got Excellent Poster Award
Tomohiro Yasunishi (D3) got the Excellent Poster Award at (A3 Symposium on Emerging Materials) for his presentation on "Voltage generation by movement of electrolyte solution with high-quality carbon nanotube thin film".

NewNew project by JST/CREST started
A new project on development of energy harvesting devices with ultra-thin film materials started with funding by JST/CREST

NewPosdoc position available
A posdoc position is available. The posdoc is expected to work on electron devices based on novel nano materlas such as carbon nanotube, graphene, and 2D materials. Flexible devices, quantum devices, biosensors, and circuits/systems are included in the scope. Contact person: Prof. Y. Ohno.

Ohno Labo Started
Ohno Laboratory started on Jan. 1st, 2015.

Dr. J. Hirotani Joined
Dr. J. Hirotani joined our labo as a postdoctral researcher. He studies on an improvement of electrical property of carbon nanotube thin film transistors within a projecto of JST/SICORP.

N. Fukaya received Student Award
Norihiro Fukaya recieved the Student Award from the Technical Group of Electron Devices, IEICE Electronics Society.

Paper published in APEX: High-mobiity CNT-TFTs printed by flexography
A new paper on high-mobility CNT-TFTs printed by flexography has been published in APEX.

N. Fukaya got Young Scientist Poster Award
Norihiro Fukaya won the Young Scientist Poster Award at the 44th Fullerene-Nanotube-Graphene General Symposium.

CNT-TFT Made With Flexographic Printing Technology
Kentaro Higuchi presented CNT-TFTs fabricated with flexographic printing technology at JSAP meeting. His work was introduced in Nikkei Tech-On!

Dr. D.-M. Sun got NT11 Best Poster Prize
Dr. Dong-ming Sun was selected as NT11 Best Poster Prize Winner for his poster presentation entitled "High-performance, Functional Carbon nanotube Integrated Circuits On Plastic" in the 12th International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes (NT11) held at Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK.

Y. Okigawa got Best Student Presentation Award
Yuki Okigawa got the Best Student Presentation Award in Electron Device Workshop, IEICE Electronics Society.

Ohno Laboratory, EcoTopia Science Institute, Nagoya Univ.